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    Gray and yellow door as the stylish décor in the living room

    By ilijaadmin 2 years ago

    Combination of grey and yellow is one of the most popular for the different types of décor that found its usage in creation of refreshing, colourful and accommodating space for all the styles.

    This mixture looks excellent in all the rooms starting from kitchens going to bathrooms. Today we present you these beautiful colours and the ambiance of a living room. Living rooms in the combination of grey and yellow represent very charming spaces that refresh and raise the mood namely because of the reasons the latter reminds of summer and this characteristics is especially necessary for us during the cold months when we lack of sunlight.

    PWhen decorating, one can use different shades of yellow and gray in order to achieve the desired effect. For the living room, the ideal shades are pigeon gray and yellow that create soothing interior – also the coal gray and neon shades of yellow that create much bolder interior.

    Decoration by gray

    It is very popular because this colour is good for anything – walls, floors, furniture, padded elements and accessories. The only thing that is necessary is to make a variation with a shade in order to achieve much bolder elements.

    When the main goal is setting the airy and neutral element the pigeon gray is used while the coal gray shade is used otherwise. Black also looks perfect when contrasted with yellow and grey but if we want a lighter appearance and more spacious feeling we would have to add some white or beige.

    Yellow, on the other hand is much more difficult for the regular usage. We have to be aware that the interior must not have to be tacky or to make a living room bolder. If grey walls already exist in the living room there is a possibility of adding some yellow accents like coffee tables, some picture frames, or cushions, or a mantle frames that can be changed if necessary. Another solution is adding some bolder art work, chairs or chest of drawers in yellow that definitely revive each space.

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