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    By ilijaadmin 2 years ago

    Wonderful surface tables that we present to you proves that the surfing is more and more popular today entering our lives in more than a single way.

    Studio designers from Duffy London took the more literal approach to this subject and came to the idea of creation of a remarkable collection of tables created by the same techniques that were used by the old producers of the surf boards in order to deliver the world their beautiful products.

    We doubt that any of us would expect to see a dining table in the shape of a surf board but that is the way life is when someone possesses an interesting dream and starts working on it because only then you can expect to be surprised and it always finishes in that way.

    Each of the Surf-Ace tables represents a classic balsa wood design that reminds of the first surf boards that were used by the Ancient Hawaiians. Obviously, the attention in details and fine craft skills included in this project represent the outstanding characteristics together with the smooth edges and curves that overflow the human perception. Tables are created out of single piece of wood which is very impressive and more than astonishing. They are available in several sizes and finishes and are made of different types of wood. The smooth tables of the Duffy London brand are good enough to admire but they come with the opening price of $ 23.600. in case you are afraid of the waiter, or surfing is just not your game than this is the second best thing you can wish for.

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