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    By ilijaadmin 2 years ago

    This bedroom possesses a very modern deocr of the urban style in the minimalistic combination of grey and white shades. It can be openly said that it is decorated by contemporary even minimalistic style with the touches of industrialism.

    Bedroom decoration work is not at all easy because it has to be cushy and give the welcoming sense; it has to be relaxing yet stylish and functional. This bedroom project includes all of these characteristics and represents a marvelous idea for all these spaces situated in flats of the big cities.

    White bedroom is relatively small so designers decided to use the windows that stretch up from floor to the ceiling in order to enlarge the light and then in the same purpose they set up a mirror as the bed headboard because this ancient décor reflects the same and visualizes the space. Another wall is completely white and has the walk-in wardrobe devorated with the map of the USA which is very contemporary at the moment.

    Grey concrete and brown plywood are used as the finish in the bedroom providing the relaxed and modern look that, on the other hand gives the warmth to the overall ambiance. Industrial style touches are emphasized by the ceiling lamps and concrete surfaces represent an ideal surface for the creation of chic urban look.

    The furniture is very simple and consists of white build-in wardrobes plywood bed and chests of drawers of the same colour that add the harmony to the space and are very functional.
    Graphic art work above the bed and a bold piece with a wood texture with the borders of the USA represent a good feeling and remind of the life in a big city.
    Large windows in the full height of the ceiling give an abundance of light which is essential for small spaces. Against it there is a built-in wardrobe with the above mentioned drawing made on a recycled board hanging on it.

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